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Information for presenters

Oral presentations

All presentations must be uploaded in advance (minimum of 1 day before your talk) by visiting the designated speaker preview room in Room 10. A technician will be available to assist you.

Presentation laptops will be provided by ACC Liverpool in each room. Each laptop runs Windows 10 and is supplied with Microsoft Office 365.

Any presentations containing movie or video clips will require a copy of the video file as well as the PowerPoint file. If your presentation contains audio, please notify the technician when you pre-load your presentation, so that they can make provision for an audio connection to the show computer. ACC Liverpool support most movie files however the most reliable are files with the .mp4 extension. Please avoid Quicktime .mov files.

When choosing fonts for your presentation please ensure they are supported by Microsoft Office.

Presentations created on Apple Macintosh computers must be saved as a PC formal file (.ppt or .pptx) and it is advisable to evaluate the presentation on a PC prior to attending the congress. PDFs can be shown if there are no interactive elements and it can be advanced page by page.

Slides should be formatted for 4:3 ratio or, for the plenary room 16:9 ratio. We suggest that you prepare your presentation in both formats if preparing well in advance. Closer to the time of the congress you will be able to check the programme for room allocation.

Speakers should bring their presentations on a USB memory stick or CD/DVD.

Poster presentations

It is advised that you print your poster in advance and bring it with you, however if required, the ACC Liverpool do provide a printing service on site, for which there will be a charge. The printing service is likely to be very busy, so we recommend that you prepare your poster in advance.

Poster boards are 2 metres high and 1 metre wide, and each board will have Velcro strips/dots which you can use to attached your poster to the board. Drawing / push pins are not allowed.

Posters that are also being presented as short oral talks on Tuesday afternoon can be found in the full programme, and are not listed within the poster section.

Poster numbers will be issued on site, they will not be provided in advance.

If you wish to use an event specific graphic as the header on your poster, please see the downloadable banners below:

A0 banner 851 mm x 120mm

A1 banner 594 mm x 8mm

Get in touch

Registration is now open, via an online system and full payment is required to guarantee your booking.

If you want to ask a specific question, please get in touch.

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